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a handwritten poem written in black ink on a pink background with the words i am going to made a very beautiful life for myself no matter what it takes
a cartoon cat holding a basket full of fruit and flowers with the caption don't let things take up more space in your mind than they need
a piece of paper with writing on it that says i don't need someone to think i am good
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a cartoon frog laying on top of a bed
a drawing of two people laying in bed
a pink sticky note with the words even if things get really hard i'm still me and i am going to be ok
the text is written in black and gold on a dark background, with an image of a
50 Of The Wildest Conversations Ever Screenshotted, Courtesy Of This Instagram Page
the words i am allowed to make a big deal out of things that feel really big to me
a black and white poster with the words love yourself enough to work harder
'Work Harder' Poster by CHAN | Displate
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JelenaTerry | Motivational quotes, Inspirational quotes, Life quotes