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a path made out of bricks in the grass
Antonio’s Tagaytay
several different pictures of flowers growing out of an old wine barrel and into a flower bed
I’m Done Mowing My Lawn (Published 2019)
a woman kneeling down in front of a pond
The advantages of adding a simple reflecting pool to your garden
Do you ever want to just feel like a princess? When I have those princessy feelings I generally want people (kids) to simply stop talking to me so I can sit quietly with my thoughts….but I get that when others have that feeling they might want spa treatments, or tiaras, or ginormous dresses… I immediately thought of …
the water is running down the side of the building and there are white flowers in it
76 Ways To Add A Waterfall
As I roll into my 3rd year of home ownership and continual landscape improvements, the time has come to create my perfect corner of tranquility. Knowing where my garden borders lie, and what plants compliment each other, have helped to provide me with an idea of where I would like to add further interest. The use of water in your garden is much more than how your plants utilize it; the addition of moving water incorporated into your garden becomes part of the overall design and desired comfor...
Corner sitting area and wood slat wall Jardim, Sala, Pergola, Patio Garden, Veranda, Backyard Patio, Outdoor Gardens, Arquitetura, Backyard Design
Corner sitting area and wood slat wall