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a hand holding a blue and white floral patterned notebook with watercolors on it
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a drawing of a rosemary plant with the words rosemary on it
Rosemary Hand-painted Illustration by Melissa MacMichael
Illustration by Melissa MacMichael. A simple and warm, rosemary, herbs, herb, illustrator, kitchen, illustration, watercolor, paper texture, vintage look, food, food illustration, botanical illustration, rosemary, herbs, herb, kitchen, watercolor, vintage, food, botanical, cooking, cook, rustic, season, restaurant, Email me to get this in a different layout or background color:
a plant with green leaves and the word thyme written in cursive writing
Herb Discovery by Belinda Xia
a watercolor painting of an olive tree with the words romariusus on it
a green fern leaf is hanging on a white wall next to a small clipboard
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a watercolor painting of a green plant with the words,'silver fern '
watercolor painting of lavender flowers with the name lavendula written in cursive writing
a close up of a flower on a white background with the word cotton written below it
a watercolor painting of green leaves on a white background with the words peronium crispum