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Solgaard Design is raising funds for Lifepack: Solar Powered & Anti-Theft Backpack on Kickstarter! We've re-invented the mobile office. Solar powered USB charger, Bluetooth speakers, integrated lock, and an organized storage system.

Build Your Own Drone Manual

Build Your Own Drone Manual: The practical guide to safely building, operating and maintaining an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) (Haynes Owners' Workshop Manual) ** Continue to the product at the image link.


I WANT IT! RYNO Motors single-wheeled electric scooter is self-balancing, has a turning radius of zero when stopped, and only takes up about as much space as a folding bicycle -- so its conceivable that commuters could bring one onto a train

An Iron Man Suit for Factory Workers

The Exoskeletons Are Coming. Some workers could soon strap on a power-assist suit before maneuvering heavy objects.

Video: Kawasaki’s Power-Assist Robot Suit Helps Humans Lift Heavy Objects

Japanese tech powerhouse Kawasaki is working on the so-called Power Assist Suit, a wearable robot that helps humans carry objects weighing without any effort from the muscles. The suit is a…

BMW steps into augmented reality with AR driving glasses for Mini

augmented reality glasses prototype enables motorists to see navigation details, speed and other information overlaid onto a heads-up display.