Flourless chocolate hazelnut cake main image

Flourless chocolate hazelnut cake

Flourless chocolate hazelnut cake - Gluten free, use as a base for a honey trifle. Soak cake in hazelnut liqueur, use a dark honey flavoured chantilly and top with flaked chocolate and crumbed hazelnuts.

Ukranian walnut chocolate cake

Ukrainian Festive Walnut Torte

Ukrainian Festive Walnut Torte from Country Living. I'm adding this because I'd like to use the coffee filling with the deep chocolate cake.

happy birthday script

reusable Happy Birthday Script cake topper - available in a variety of colors

Flourless chocolate cake main image

Flourless chocolate cake

Made this flourless chocolate cake tonight with a just a few changes & think it might be better if I didn't know that a wonderful gluten-free cake was this easy.

Worth Pinning: Igloo Cake with Gum Paste Penguins

Worth Pinning: Igloo Cake with Gum Paste Penguins -- utterly cool for my penguin loving baby girl.


These cupcakes are light and airy with a delicate meringue topping. You will need a sugar thermometer for the meringue - don't be put off, it's really easy. If you happen to have a blowtorch, you will get a professional and impressive finish.

Chocolate mousse cupcakes with mint

These yummy chocolate cakes have a light and airy mousse for the icing. Fold through some crushed mint chocolate bar for added crunch. For fancy decorations, .

Chocolate and almond torte main image

Chocolate and almond torte

Little apricot cakes with sugared almonds

Apricot golden butter cakes, topped with crunchy sugared almonds

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Motorcycle Cake Clapper Board Film School Graduation Cake Baseball Cake with Baseball Diamond Cookie Monster Cookies Disney Car.

Chocolate almond cake - make on Saturday

Chocolate Almond Cake

Chocolate almond cake recipe with strawberry mousse filling and chocolate ganache.