Different doors are one of my favorite things.  What a way to create an entrance.

Door in Bled, Slovenia- One thing I'm always interested in my travels are the different doors. I think doors serve as the face and first impression before you enter a new building, especially a historic one. Doors are just a part of the design process.

Green colour palets that stand out and are eye catching, compared to our forest green - Olivia


Green with Envy, green colored pencils, green, shades of green

old green wooden door

It's Friday...And It's Really Fabulous!

Personalized All-Natural Room Scents...great way to make your home smell amazing without harsh chemicals

Personalized All Natural Room Scents

Looking to create your own all natural room scents? Use herbs, extracts and citrus to create your own. Go green with your own all natural room scent.

l luv skeleton keys/doors.  every door in my gramma's house had these.

Precious Gems – Emerald and Antique Ruby Wedding Inspiration

green bags!

This picture shows the design element color. It shows color but using a monochromatic color scheme. It uses many values of the same hue in order to create the monochromatic color scheme.

a turkish bath with green tiles and gold-colored brass taps. the color combo is quite pre-raphaelite.

a turkish bath with green tiles and gold-colored brass taps. the color combo is quite pre-raphaelite, Color Inspiration, Emerald Green and Gold Weddings, Wedding Color Schemes

emerald green

Colours of Cuba by Michael Eastman. Cuba + the capital Havana are full of graceful crumbling architecture colours.

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Refreshing of the green windows

Android Wallpaper, Theme, Background of Green Green Green for your Android Phones. Beautiful green wall with beautiful flowers and the window

30 great examples of insect macro photography

Lightroom can edit your pictures, and now it can take them too

The Katydid, by Steve Passlow What a beautiful photograph. I'm so glad Steve Passlow shared this shot.