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Young hungarian light-horseman Traditional hungarian uniform from the middle of…

Attila The Hun | Európa megálmodója - Attila a harmadik évezred vezetőinek ...

Attila The Hun ,The greatest ruler of the Hungarian migration at 433 - 453 Hungary .

Charlemagne: aka Charles the Great or Charles I, King of the Franks (768), King of Italy (774), & from 800 First Emperor in western Europe since collapse of Western Roman Empire three centuries earlier. Wikipedia Born: April 2, 742 AD, Herstal, Belgium Died: January 28, 814 AD, Aachen, Germany ~Wikipedia

nach Albrecht Dürer - Charlemagne, Charles the Great King of the Franks, Emperor of the West, in his coronation robes, My gr grandfather

The Puszta (Hungary). 'The unending plains of myth and memory are waiting to be explored in Kiskunság National Park and Hortobágy. Ride yourself, or watch as Hungarian cowboys ride with five horses in hand at a staged show.' http://www.lonelyplanet.com/hungary/sights/outdoors/kiskunsag-national-park

The Puszta (Hungary). 'The unending plains of myth and memory are waiting to be…

Saint Stephan Arpad I ,First King Of Hungary. 29 Th Great Grand Father ,B. 975 Koma'rom-Esztergom Hungary..D. 8-15-1038. Koma'rom Hungary.

Statue of King St. Stephen of Hungary in Esztergom, Main Square, Holy Trinity statue.

Hungarian Hussar

Magyar Huszár - Hungarian Hussar - Hungarian traditional clothing is probably the most flattering to the male physique


This proves how badass it is to be Hungarian. Hungarian Ambiance: Picture of the day: Hun-Magyar Harcművészet