die Meisten von uns wählen den Weg des geringsten Widerstands und merken zu spät das es der falsche Weg war - leider.

22 Quotes About True Wisdom

Haha well as u know my ex has NOTHING. His shitty personality changed him not money. The new always wears off. I'm sure ur ex kicks himself in the ass for what he did to u and ur family. My friend told me ur ex works with her husband.

Say Yes to New Adventures by Fiddle And Spoon

say yes to new adventures

10 ways to be *that* person that everyone loves - Happier

10 ways to be *that* person everyone loves

Polly is a good person. She strives to make friends, to help those who are suffering. She doesn't mind reaching out to people, she isn't biased to who she helps. She want to help everyone.

I don't even feel like a "friend" to some people , I feel more like an option or someone to run to when they need someone.

And maybe he's right maybe I'm too nice of a person and let people walk all over me and use me only when they want something

You were born to be unique...not perfect.

Akkor őrizzük itt is csöppet a magyarságunkat ;

ha boldog akarsz lenni lev tolstoj idézet

ha boldog akarsz lenni lev tolstoj idézet


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