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Árpád Majoros
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LEGO Ideas - Ancient greek bireme (micro model)

Ancient greek biremeThis picture below shows an early development phase, with less advanced rendering, and less beauty.

Greek Temple by Matija Grguric, via Flickr. How admirable! Its very acurate for a greek temple (^-^)

Greek temple in Doric style. Dedicated to Poseidon, God of the Sea. This is another creation for the my civilization display: Moai Tibet Japanese Pagoda Miyajima Torii Great Wall of China

398px-Stephanos_Athlete_garden_MBA_Lyon.jpg (398×1023)

Athlète de Stéphanos, 50 B.

Hercules of the Forum Boarium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Sumerian hero Gilgamesh with no lion skin to wear. Gilded bronze Hercules/Heracles from the Forum Boarium, Capitoline Museum Rome

A_Home_on_the_Mississippi.png (2014×1264)

Woodland Plantation, West Pointe a la Hache. Depicted in "A Home on the Mississippi" Currier and Ives.