My name Marinena. I am a 7. I love watching my brother and sister.>>> Age:17 >>> Height: 5"6>>> Weight: 129>>> Friends: ....>>> Personality: Quick learner>>>>Health problems: self harm>>> I think the selection is a some what good thing

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Be him, there best friends) I smile and hug him. He was the bad boy and I was the smart girl who was on the cheerleading team. I really liked him, I blush lightly as he holds me. ((Credit to Marie The Blonde Panda

lovemarks by on @deviantART

lovemarks by len-yan on deviantART<—— "lovemarks"? It looks more like a choked neck more than love marks or poor baby Jason.

that's how it is-- Lewis just loves her and doesn't say much-- he just loves her.

"In Caelum, the sky is red because the sun's basically dead. I like this sky much better, it's younger and prettier.