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Abandoned Mansion, then and now (I am Not Sure Where This Home Is But Thought Pic Was Interesting) This is actually Bennett College in Millbrook, NY, not a mansion. Just awful that it has gone this way.

So many glorious old homes lost to time...

paranormal So many glorious old homes lost to time. When i get my way,il have my old home and il give it some help and some love

Teenagers sitting in a booth and socializing. US, 1944;  by Nina Leen.

Photo by Nina Leen//Time Life Pictures / Getty Images .Cocaine was removed from the drink in 1903 Cocaine was still legal at that time. It wasn’t outlawed until

Female Samurai 1800

Rare photograph of an Onna-bugeisha, female warriors of the upper social classes in feudal Japan. Often mistakenly referred to as “female samurai”, female warriors have a long history in Japan, beginning long before samurai emerged as a warrior class.

The great depression Many people would make signs to find themselves work. This man has 3 kids to provide for. He is talking about how he has all these things but just wants one job. People were desperate for jobs.


In this Cecil Beaton portrait of Queen Elizabeth II set in the throne room at Buckingham Palace, London, after her coronation in June the Queen wears the Imperial State Crown and holds the Orb and Septre. Lovely picture for Queen Elizabeth II.