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a young man sitting on top of a red chair with the words me doing my fake interviews while getting ready
Just Girly Things, Whisper Confessions, Just For Laughs Videos, Relatable Quotes, Whisper Quotes
95 Spine Tattoos Worth Sitting Through Painful Sessions
a young boy holding his head with the words me eating of all the skin on my lips
two girls standing next to each other with the words boys at my school boy i know i'll never see again
a man with long hair wearing a blue hoodie looking at the camera and texting, when my teacher says she's picking partners
my whisper
the water is blue and it says home is the place the water doesn't taste weird
the bug is more scared of you than you are then why is it flying towards me with full force?
OMG, I Can't Believe They Said That: 40+ Dating Disaster Tweets
Videos, Tennessee, Careless Whisper
Am I right
someone in bed with the caption me scrolling on pinterest every morning like it's the daily news
me :
Taylor Swift
a yellow rubber duck sitting on top of a white cup with the words saving whispers is so adding
once you start you cant stop
a man with the caption me watching my phone die before my eyes after i ignored the battery warnings
a young boy making a funny face with the caption me after applying teal to literally everything
real 😝
two dolls are sitting in a bathtub with the caption, elsia was my favorite annie was annoying
do yalls remember come play with me