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Of The Heathsome Rose
Pull up the threads from their loose ends. I must stress this: use ALL of your might without breaking the threads to tighten up, scrunching your piece into a tiny, tight mass. Otherwise, the dye will be able to seep in and you won’t get a clear pattern. Tie the thread ends together in pairs, holding tightly. Be careful not to let it loosen up while tying.
Love to tie-dye? Allow us to introduce you to its, ahem, cooler cousin with this ice dyeing DIY, now on the #AnthroBlog
rebecaa atwood's step by step guide to ice-dying fabrics
Want to create one of a kind fabric designs with an organic feel?  Ice dyeing is SO much easier than even shibori or tie dyeing and the result is an exciting su…
Палантины- модель "Синяя птица"
Crafts: shibori
Lindo lenço de chiffon de seda pintado à mão, com a técnica aerofalten- estampa que lembra folhas de árvores, em tons azulados. Moderno e muito feminino, ideal para compor um visual contemporâneo. R$ 85,00
Purple Silk Scarf. Hand Painted Shawl. Butterflies Scarf. Women Echarpe Foulard. Birthday Gift for Her.
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