Tokaj Wine Cellars. Hungary

Tokaj Wine Region Historic Cultural Landscape - Hungary - great visit from the house in the Bukk

Het Gellért Hotel in Boedapest met thermaalbaden en gewone zwembaden die je in de waan brengen dat je in een Romeinse Lusthof drijft. Lees meer op

Take advantage of the Hungarian city’s thermal waters, as the Romans first did almost two millennia ago.

Römisch genießen in Ungarn in Demjén:

Römisch genießen in Ungarn in Demjén:

Rudas Thermal Bath: Go in the morning (less crowded) and on the weekend, when bathing suits are compulsory for all guests. Only open to women on Tuesday and on the weekends.

Did you know? The turkish bath hall of Rudas Medical Thermal Bath is more than 500 years old.

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