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Arabica and Robusta compared: Which variety wins the race? Starbucks, Arabica Coffee Beans, Robusta Coffee, Coffee Ingredients, Coffee Facts, Coffee Tasting, Best Coffee, Coffee Guide, Coffee Addict
Arabica and Robusta compared: Which variety wins the race?
You’ve probably seen it before: On the packaging of the coffee is written large “100% Arabica”. Arabica coffee is often subconsciously sold to us as the “better” coffee. But where does this assumption come from and is there really anything to it? We clear up the half-knowledge and explain which coffee bean really tastes better.
an info poster showing the different types of food and drinks on it's surface
Takoyaki 101: Everything You Need Before Making Takoyaki
Health, Nutrition, Essen, Cocoa, Cocoa Vs Cacao, Cacao Recipes, Cacao Beans, Cacao Nibs, Health Food
Cacao VS Cocoa: Are You Eating Real Chocolate?
the wall is covered with many different types of magnets and other things that are attached to it
Great Lesson 1 : The Periodic Table [Post 9]
an image of the elements by orbitals and their corresponding numbers in order to make it look like they are floating on water
INTERNET Database of Periodic Tables | Chemogenesis
an image of the diagram for organic reactions
Grignard Reaction, Mechanism, Reagent and Cheat Sheet