Dericks 1st birthday

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a white cake with trees on it sitting on top of a table
Forest & Mountains Inspired Birthday Cake by Layered Cake Artistry
some cupcakes that have been decorated to look like bears
Cute Little Bear Cupcakes | Animal Cupcakes
a hedgehog made out of crackers sitting on top of a green table cloth
Clay's Woodland Themed 1st Birthday Party!
small rolls are arranged on a cutting board
Design Loves Detail | Kinder geburtstag ideen, Fingerfood kinder, Essen für kinder
Boys Bug Party Creative Food Ideas Snails Worms Caterpillars ...
ladybugs and celery are arranged on a plate
a watermelon sculpture with spikes on it's head and fruit in the background
Hedgehog - Watermelon Board
Watermelon Hedgehog Carving | Watermelon Board
some food is on a tray with strawberries and other items in the shape of eyes
decorated cookies with camping theme on a plate
Camping cookies
a cardboard box that has been cut out to look like a birch tree with white stripes
Brielle’s Woodland Creature 1st Birthday Party