Do you want a Disney Cocktail?

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a cartoon character holding a hot dog next to a drink
La Principessa e il ranocchio
an advertisement for the disney movie, pocahona and other characters is shown
a tall glass filled with liquid sitting next to a sign that reads false king kahlua salted caramel vodka vanilla bailey's coffee
Il Re Leone
an advertisement for a fancy drink with a cartoon character on it
Peter Pan
there is a woman next to a cocktail glass
a mickey mouse drink next to an ice cream sundae with whipped cream in it
there is a doll next to a glass of orange tea
an iphone screen showing the menus for disney's frozen drinks, including orange juice and
Il Re Leone
a blue drink next to an image of the character from disney's dumbo
Pilo & Stich
an animated character next to a cocktail in front of a sign that reads, crazy captain spiced rum bacardi 13 midori
Peter Pan
a cartoon character next to a green cocktail
Peter Pan
an image of a woman in a green dress next to a martini
La principessa e il ranocchio
an animated character next to a drink in front of the caption that reads hale's hated blueberry mo hypnotic black vodka