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an egg decorated with flowers on a string
an egg shaped like a flower on a black background
a hand holding an egg with holes in it
two colorful balls are on a stick with one painted pink and the other purple, sitting next to each other
an ornately decorated egg on a gray surface
a white and black decorative object sitting on top of a wooden table next to a wall
Escultura em ovo de avestruz
OVODECOR: Escultura em ovo de avestruz
an intricately designed egg sitting on top of a black surface
handmade eleftheroulis dimitris
an egg is sitting on top of a table
Etched and drilled rhea egg
an egg with white designs on it
a white plate with an intricate design on it
an egg with intricate designs on it sitting on a gray tablecloth covered flooring
a white bowl with flowers carved on it
Arte em Casca de Ovos - Escultura em casca ovo - Egg Carving: Roc