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a close up of a bracelet on a white surface with beads and wood beading
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Handmade Micro Macrame Bracelet with Coconut Ring by MinguiKelly
three different colored bracelets with tassels on top of each other and one has a knot at the end
Summertime Macrame Bracelets
Summertime Macrame Bracelets
a woman's hand with an orange manicure and colorful beaded ring
A Multicolored Macrame Square Ring
A video tutorial for a multicolored macrame square ring that is beautiful without any beads or gemstones and very comfortable to wear. I used 1mm polyester waxed cord.
a close up of a ring on a table
スターガーネット(約9号)/天然石リング - 天然石とマクラメジュエリーのARTEMANO(アルテマノ)
Star Garnet Gemstone Ring
the instructions for how to crochet with yarn
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Macrame sort bracelet made just out of combination of different braids. The ring initially used as the support to hold on the braids can be retained as a decorator.
macrame ring bracelets with pearls and beads in pink, blue, and green
Macrame Ring with Beads - Tutorial
How to Make a Macrame Ring with Beads -
a woman's hand with a ring made out of crochet
How to Make a Colorful Macrame Ring [DIY]
How to Make a Colorful Macrame Ring - Macramé Tutorial [DIY] - YouTube