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sailing ship

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Sailing Boat, Sailing Ships, Classic Sailing, Ship Art, Nautical Art, 2d Art, Lighthouse, Le Bateau, Tall Ships

'Drying Sails' signed(John)Sunshine Print-Limited Edition LithSmall #471 Bounty #Nauticle

'Drying Sails' signed(John)Sunshine Print-Limited Edition LithSmall #471 Bounty

Ship Art, Nautical Art, Sailing Ships, Battleship, Lighthouse, Armada, Lo Real, Fantasy Art, Pirate Ships

Ludolf Bakhuizen, A Ship at Sea, mid-17th to early 18th century -

A Ship at Sea Ludolf Bakhuizen (Dutch, Emden Amsterdam) Date: century Medium: Pen and brown ink, gray wash, over traces of black chalk

Ship in a storm

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Historia Económica de la Edad Moderna: El Comercio en los Siglos Modernos

From Actium--heralding the end of the Roman Republic--to the Battle of the Atlantic, the longest continuous military campaign in WWII