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a doll is sitting in a frame with flowers
Macrame Angel
a hand holding a doll in a box with flowers behind it and another doll next to it
Anioł Stróż Pamiątka Pierwszej Komunii Świętej macrame dolls.
two dolls are in a shadow box and one doll is wearing a white dress with red hair
Aniołek Pamiątka Pierwszej Komunii Świętej Anioł Stróż m
two little angel figurines in a shadow box with the words family and love written on it
Makrama Anioł Stróż Pamiątka Pierwszej Komunii Świętej.
Macrame doll baby room @macrame_at
an angel figurine holding a bouquet of flowers in front of two framed pictures
Angel macrame
an angel doll with long hair and white dress holding a star in her hands, sitting on top of a wooden frame
Angels macrame in frame