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there are two different shots in the same glass, one is orange and the other is pink
Malibu Sunset
Malibu Sunset Cocktail (Fruity Malibu Drink Recipe!) - Averie Cooks
watermelon and jalapeno margaritas in glasses with lime slices on the rim
Watermelon Jalapeño Margaritas - Refreshing Cocktail Recipe
Watermelon Jalapeño Margaritas - Refreshing Cocktail Recipe
two glasses filled with watermelon margaritas and topped with sliced jalapenos
Jalapeno Watermelon Margarita
This jalapeno watermelon margarita is your new favorite margarita. The perfect balance of sweet and spicy and made with fresh pureed watermelon and spiked with jalapenos and just a splash of tequila, lime juice and orange liqueur. This is the spicy cocktail of your dreams.
a potted planter filled with colorful flowers next to a brick wall
Plant Ideas for Beautiful Patio Containers — Empress of Dirt
how to make strawberry puree for drinks
How to Make Strawberry Puree for Drinks
See how easy it is to make Strawberry Puree for drinks with this 3 ingredient recipe that is made with fresh or frozen strawberries, sugar and fresh lemon. The puree is sweet and has lots of strawberry flavor and is delicious in all sorts of beverages. To make a batch, all you have to do is combine the ingredients and blend it into a smooth, drinkable puree consistency.
two glasses filled with green drinks and strawberries
Grinch Mimosa