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Lisbon-based architect Maria Morais used collages and textures to represent her project “The Tagus Baths: Spaces of Water and Light in Aterro da Boavista.

Center for Individuals with Disabilities / g.bang architecture (Project Team: Daniel Borruey – co-developer, Angélica Fernández, Structure: Guillermo Choliz, Constructor: EDUPA) / Camino del Abejar, Zaragoza, Spain

bang Architecture incorporated a saw-toothed roof sheltering a naturally lit corridor at Spain’s Center for Individuals with Disabilities.

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Okay, we have no plans to visit Ankara on our trip. But this ceiling is just too awesome. Ceiling, Museum of Anatolian Civilisations, Ankara, Turkey


Flux: Architecture in a parametric landscape, an exhibition designed by the Architecture Department of the California College of Arts in San Francisco (CCA Architecture) and its research laboratory Medialab.

dutch pavilion

Dutch Pavilion Re-Set Presents a Dynamic Re-thinking of Disused Space at the Venice Architecture Biennale


Soft Shelf by Toronto-based Lateral Architecture is an interesting attempt at creating expandable wall storage.


Architects Hadid and Schumacher have used the Thames Gateway as a testing ground for a new approach to urban regeneration, which they call ‘Parametric Urbanism’. They have isolated four main building.


Dynamic Performance of Nature is a permanent architectural media installation in the Leonardo Museum of Art, Science and Technology, located in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Collection "Parametric furniture" is a project which includes several elements, one of them is a chair " Scate"