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the silhouettes of people with their arms spread out and pointing at something in different directions
What exactly is a rapier in HEMA? Clearing up common misunderstandings | Historical European Martial Arts Information and Resources
Director hand signals #fencing #fence
a man in white fencing outfit holding a stick
London 2012: Olympic winners and losers - in pictures
Peter Joppich of Germany reacts after his match against James-Andrew Davis of Great Britain, during the individual foil fencingPhotograph: Andrew Medichini/AP
a sign that says i fence what's your super paes?
I Fence by MMAM - CafePress
I Fence Poster
an advertisement for fencing coach with pictures of men and women doing different things in front of them
Fencing coach -- esp what us students are expected to do!
there are many hats hanging on the rack
Currently Wandering...
Não gosta da sua mascara de esgrima padrão? Existem várias empresas que vendem máscaras coloridas!
an advertisement for fencing with pictures of people doing tricks
Any Directions in Life? : Photo
fencer problems - Google Search
a silver necklace with a blue and white bead hanging from it's side
Fencing Sabre Pendant
the anatomy of a lunge
Anatomy of a Lunge by BleysOfAmber on DeviantArt
"Naturally, you must expect me to attack witha Capoferro." "Naturally, but I find that Thibault cancels out Capoferro. Don't you?" -Inigo and Westley
a person in a white suit holding a fishing pole and pointing to the distance line
Target diagram Repinned by Hub City Fencing Academy of Edison, NJ.
someone is holding an item in their hand near a bathtub with toilet paper on it
How to Clean a Fencing Mask - Fencing.Net
Over time, and many bouts of use, you may notice that your fencing mask has a bit of a stench to it. It’s time to figure out how to clean your mask, or to plug up your nose while fencing! All fencing gear gets sweaty, but a fencing mask isn’t something that you can just …
the basic instructions for how to do an exercise with one hand and two hands on each side
MGProjekt (@MGProjekt) / X
Parry cheatsheet - love the parry 1 AKA Dracula's cape :)