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Budapest, Hungary The Bavarian Castles are one of the things I'm most looking forward to seeing

50 things to do in Europe before you die

50 Things to do in Europe before you die - travel to Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Greece. See beaches, monuments, cities, countryside, food, and more.

Winter in Budapest, Hungary    National Geographic photographer

Top 10 Cities To Visit In Europe This Year

Europe has lots of wonderful cities that deserve to be on your itinerary if you ever decide to take a long vacation. To make your work easier, we’ve made a top with 10 of the most beautiful places on this continent. It each has unique attractions and must see destinations. Here they are: 1. Florence....

The peaceful streets of the town of Szentendre, just north of Budapest, Hungary

Into marvelous light I'm running.

Lift my hands and spin around see the light that i´ve found oh the marvelous light marvelous light

Miskolc, Avasi öreg pincesor / Old wine cellars in Miskolc, Hungary

Miskolc, Avasi öreg pincesor / Old wine cellars in Miskolc

Miskolc, Hungary Sajnos komoly problémák vannak a környéken: avas.blog.hu/2011/05/03/kutyakaparo_avasi_pincesor_s_ok avas.blog.hu/2011/04/10/a_pusztulo_tortenelmi_avas avas.blog.hu/2011/02/16/kisavas_nagyavas_kincs_ami_nincs Textúra: www.flickr.com/photos/dontellaura/5598361146/

Pécs - Hongrie


La Hongrie, située entre l’Europe Occidentale et Orientale, elle alterne les villes d’eau, les cités baroques et les bourgades champêtres. Entourée par les Carpates, elle laisse les sommets m…