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awesome 10 Ideas to Recycle Cinder Blocks in the Garden Cinder blocks are a cheap material for the garden and with some imagination, you can use them to create garden planters, a fire pit, benches or even steps.


Learn how to create this diy cinder block planter. It has a very stylish sculptural look which will make any garden space look amazing. You can add a splash of color by painting the cinder blocks in bright colors.


interesting and such a great idea.use any plants of choice.even herbs. This says: Cinder block succulents, maybe spray paint blocks? cinder block bench Summer To Do List


A spilled flower pot is the perfect idea of bringing a little whimsy to your garden. Just tip Southern Patio's Natural Oak Whiskey Barrel on its side, plant bushels of mums, and you have your own spilled flower planter.