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a small house in the middle of some trees and plants with a roof made out of corrugated
Arca House, Commissioned By Nature - Eclectic Trends
During the research for specific projects for our next trend report, Essentiality, we found the Arca Home, named by the locals as it came as a ship in the middle of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest.
an unusual house sits on the edge of a pool
a couple of small houses sitting next to each other on top of a lush green field
British Decor Feels Like the Cozy Hug We All Need Right Now
a large building sitting on top of a dirt hill
a modern house in the desert with palm trees and rocks on the ground near it
Goin' glamping: HKS completes its Autocamp complex in Joshua Tree, California
a large green building under construction in the woods
A Kit House for the 21st Century - Fine Homebuilding
A Kit House for the 21st Century - Fine Homebuilding
the cover of an architectural magazine with photos of houses in different angles and sizes, including a man's face
Award-Winning Architect Wants To Build You A Quonset Hut Home
an aerial view of the courtyard house with text reading visit the courtyard house by steel hut
a house made out of shipping containers in the woods
Shipping Container World
an empty swimming pool in front of a house with decking and chairs around it
Small Rancher Gets the Biggest Addition | Season 3 - Dave & Jenny Marrs
two pictures side by side of a small house with a pool in the back ground
an outdoor living area with potted plants and flowers on either side of the doorway
a glass house is lit up at night
a small wooden house in the woods
Dual Use Building With Living Quarters in Indian Hills, Colorado
some people are working on something that is made out of plywood planks and wood
Sistema De Construcción De Casas De Madera Tipo LEGO Tan Fácil Como Armar Un Mueble De IKEA
a couple of small houses in the middle of a forest with trees around them and one is made out of wood
Construction | our-ral-home
a small house sitting in the middle of a forest next to a tree and stairs
an unusual house sits in the middle of a grassy field at night with its lights on
Your Next Move Starts Here
a large wooden building with a metal roof on gravel road next to fenced in area
Dilapidated World War One Nissen hut converted into incredible £1.4m eco-home
there is a monkey hanging from the ceiling with a light bulb in it's mouth
Luminaria de corda com folhagem e macaco | Elo7
an aerial view of a building with many windows and plants growing in the front yard
27 Unique Quonset Hut Homes For Wonderful Living Atmosphere
an unusual shaped building sits on the side of a dirt road in front of a grassy field
10 Hangar Homes That Will Make Your Jaw Drop
a room with wooden shutters on the wall and two chairs in front of it
an aerial view of the house surrounded by trees and bushes with ocean in the background
three brick vaults of 'casa volta' float above the lush oaxacan coast
two pictures with the words build a yurt cabin in just 3 - 5 days
Hard-Sided All-Season Yurt-Cabins | Freedom Yurt-Cabins
a giraffe statue with a chandelier hanging from it's side
VOILA Patisserie
VOILA Patisserie on Behance