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László Márk
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Guiyang Financial Center, Guiyang, China - Cursos y servicios en: http://linformatik.es/blog/category/cursos/?lang=es

Guiyang Financial Center, Guiyang, China :: 76 floors, height design based on a set of Giant Vibrators. thanks for setting standards we won't ever be able to live up to, China

#Zaha Hadid Architects — Galaxy Soho, #Beijing, #China

Galaxy Soho by Zaha Hadid Architects / Beijing, China design inspiration, architecture, luxury design . Visit www.

Beach Front Hotel, Dubai, UAE by Atkins Arhitects :: 60 floors, height 302m :: proposal

Dubai architecture buildings of the United Arab Emirates : Beach Front Hotel Dubai UAE by Atkins Arhitects :: 60 floors height :: p

Amazing Snaps: Zwembalkons in Mumbai, India. Each room has its own pool !!!! | See more

Bandra Ohm residential tower in Mumbai, India, is designed to evoke the ripple effect generated by water droplets, also known as capillary waves. glass-walled swimming pools on the balconies.

Hotel Burj Al Arab, Dubai. Modelled as the wind-blown sail of an Arab Dhow with a very high tech twist, the Burj Al Arab stands for all that is over the top and excessive in the Emirates. It has every luxury you can - and cannot - even imagine!

Hotel Burj Al Arab, Dubai. A luxury hotel located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates - the fourth tallest hotel in the world. Burj Al Arab stands on an artificial island. The shape of the structure is designed to mimic the sail of a ship.

Picture Of The Dubai, United Arab Emirates Architecture Plans For The Worlds Most Famous Under Water Hotel.

Apeiron Hotel - a hotel built on an island off of Dubai. The arched 185 meter tall hotel will cost 500 million USD. It will have 350 luxury suites that will only be accessible by yacht and helicopter. Designed by Sybarite UK, the hotel features its