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170124 G-Dragon at Vetements Show in Paris

Отчет за месяц. Январь

Gryphons are mentioned from time to time, but really come into their own in by turning the tide of battle for the Tiger-Tail Cause-Magic Type Coalition against the Imperial Forces belonging to Emperor Zeke.

Ore 5 45...PIOVE tantissimo... Immagino Il tuo viso sul cuscino...ancora addormentato..chissà se sono nei tuoi pensieri come tu sei nei miei Amore..

I look out at the steady rain. A gust of wind blows and John shivers beside me. I wrap the thin blanket around him tighter, and continue to watch the heavy rain. "Living it up" I murmur. ~ this picture is a inspiration for my newest story:)

Long-eared jerboa: This tiny rodent was first caught on film in 2007. They live in parts of China and Mongolia, and it's believed that their ears help them cool off in the desert.

They may not be HUGE but they are unusual in shape and size: Jerboas are technically desert dwelling rodents who live primarily in Northern Africa and Asia, but let's face it- they might actually be the cutest animals in existence.

Confira o que eu fiz com #PicsArt QUEM MAIS AÍ, AMA PANDAS!! #Panda #PandaLove #PandasSaoMelhoresQuePessoas #Love

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