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Waifu showed me this meme trend. So I used it as an excuse to procrastinate a bit. //bricked Submit it because she wants me to. Sorry for the super sketchy quality. //lays I may cle.

Sen,Chihiro Ogino - Spirited Away,Studio Ghibli

EMPHASIS- the picture from spirited away draws your attention immediately to the stone statue front center. then you see the dark tunnel above it with chihiro cautiously stepping inside. the way the image is centered makes a point on how the audience sho

Über Google auf gefunden

Über Google auf gefunden

Kagi Nippon He ~ Anime Nippon-Jin: Studio Ghibli abrirá nuevo parque temático en la p...

This is Tokyo Ghibli Land, a make-believe Studio Ghibli themed amusement park (links to site with details about each attraction on the map) imagined by Japanese artist Takumi. So far he's detailed.