So true!!!

How do they f**kinh do it?!

MOMS and their. blargh This happens to me with both my son and husband.

So true!

One missed call from mom

* mom 16 missed calls, oops oh well. *Dad 1 missed call, My life is over.

Cherchez l'erreur : Promo Bieber

Cherchez l'erreur : Promo Bieber

Escalators. So much fun yet scare me to death

I love Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow<--There should be a Captain in there somewhere.<<<captain Johnny depp as jack sparrow

you had one job

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some people

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shiroiichigo: I don’t know why, but I really started crying after I read this. It’s so true nowadays. Some people only care about money, losing sight of what’s truly important. True wealth is love and happiness and it just can’t be bought with money.

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Így is lehet nézni a dolgokat ☺ ☻ ☺ ☺

the struggle of finding the "perfect" hair tie. Two times around to loose, three times around to tight. You can't win hahaha

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