herb garden wall ♥

Edible Garden, the Atlanta Botanical Garden. A garden wall of fresh herbs with an outdoor kitchen where chefs host cooking classes. An herb wall - a dream!

How many plants to grow per square.

Which Garden Plants Grow Well Together? Check Out This Companion Planting Chart! also has square foot gardening planting guide

I once had a dream about having tomatoes growing like this...

Strawberries & Tomatoes in the Kitchen garden.I could build a trellis over my walkway into the front door with rebar.

beans & cucumbers trellis

Making A Bean Hut -don't use boxes, just plant beans in bed and make an A-frame from lattice. Then plant lettuce underneath for some shade.

How to Plant a Tree! Best tip - To encourage deep root growth it is a good idea to bury a piece of pvc pipe with the tree to the depth of the root ball. Water can be slow dripped in this pipe it will cause the tree to send down deep roots and not send up damaging surface roots.

How to Plant a Tree

Living wall

Now here is an idea for the wall you face from the entryway! Do a skylight in the hallway and then a living wall to accommodate many of your plants! There are systems to automate irrigation and allow for easy removal / swap-out of plants as it grows!

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