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Pretty much. Why weren't you happy with me ? We could have had it all. Now it's me and the boys on our own trying to get a fucking home somewhere and put the pieces together all because you couldn't commit 1000% to me and me only, all because you must've liked making me cry myself to sleep. All because you put your hands around my neck.

It sucks feeling like I'm not good enough and feeling like most of what happens is some how my fault. I feel so guilty about everything, and I try my best to do what is right.

when you feel like everyone hates you | Trying to Get Along with My Mind: Fuck

I think this is the way I'm going to live my life from now on.I don't like this pain I feel all over my body right now.What's the point? Eventually, everyone leaves anyways and all I'm left with is a shattered heart and difficult breathing.

I hate when you actually feel like you need to talk to someone for the first time ever, and there is no one to talk to

This, so I hate me. I can't even express in words how much I hate me and how bad I want to die.There is NO reason for me to be breathing