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9x12 Happy Face Hints Maze for Kids #2

Follow the happy faces in this second Happy Face Hints maze to find the exit. It's a great activity for kindergarten or preschool kids.

Printable Grid Maze for Kids: Track and Color the Pencils

Improving children’s visual processing skills doesn’t have to feel like hard work. This pencil themed grid maze is more challenging than some of the other grid mazes you’ll find in The Free P…

Okoskaland - Ingyenesen nyomtatható fejlesztő feladatok,játékok

Ingyenesen nyomtatható képességfejlesztő játékok

Christmas Coordinates Colouring - Medium

There's a fun Christmas picture to be revealed by colouring in the squares according to the coordinates as in the instructions!

9x12 Happy Face Hints Maze for Kids

In this 9x12 maze, follow the happy faces to reach the end. It's great fun for preschool and kindergarten kids.

Decoding Days

There’s nothing kids love like mysteries and secret messages written in code. Bring what they love into their learning time with ‘Decoding Days’.

Karácsonyi keresztrejtvény - 24 nap Karácsonyig

A mai napra egy keresztrejtvény jutott, karácsonyi témakörből :)

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