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Monkey Puzzle Tree

Monkey Puzzle Tree (araucaria araucana) Our daughter in Portland had one of these in the front yard of the home they bought. They removed it because of potentially branches falling. The wood is EXTREMELY hard!

A "sort of" patio, but isn't it great idea?

flowersgardenlove: Aiken House Garden Flowers Garden Love I think this hideaway and a good book, glass of tea would make my day! Doesn't it look like the secret garden?

Blue Oat Grass, Ceanothus, Galliardia, Heliotrichon Sempervirens, Iris Siberica, Miscanthus Gracillimus, Thymus Serpyllum

Purple thyme with lavender, pine, and blanket flower amid clumps of iris and ceanothus create the border for a round rock path leading to the beach, patio and fire pit.