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first and last things we every here them say. ever!

Legend of Korra: The first and the last words.<< this just made me so emotional! such a fantastic series!<<< Korrasami all day everyday

Best quotes from Avatar: The Last Airbender!

What we can learn from "Avatar: The Last Airbender" characters. There's so much more to learn from each one of them, but this is a good start. :) I love this show because of everything you can learn from the characters


The fire nation hat/crown thing could be because they're fire lords? Like maybe they used to just make the avatar fire lord until like at one point before Roku was born? Like maybe Roku was the first avatar from the fire nation to not also be Fire Lord?

Zuko is sharing his habit of impersonations with different people. Lol I love how the facial expressions are the complete opposite XD

Avatar - Switch SO CUTE. but no matter how Aang tries to look positively angry he still looks happy somehow, And Zuko. oh Zuko you just work being happy all the time.