Márton Fábián

Márton Fábián

Márton Fábián
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ArtStation - Cyclops, Marci Fabian

Created this for Endless Fables by Sunward Games

ArtStation - Baby Dragon, Marci Fabian

Character from The Secret Order 5 by Sunward Games

ArtStation - Snowborder Chameleon, Marci Fabian

Created this for a personal project

ArtStation - Jolly Roser, Marci Fabian

I created this character during Gilberto Magno's Game Character Workshop. Gilberto is a great teacher, I recommend the workshop for everyone who would like to improve character art skills. triangles Concept by

Female Boss Concept

black_hair blade_&_soul boots breasts drum_magazine eyepatch flat_chest gatling_gun gun hyung_tae_kim long_hair minigun multicolored_hair oversize_forearms platform_footwear pohwaran sideboob solo twintails two-tone_hair very_long_hair weapon white_hair

Give me one example of what you consider to be dieselpunk - Dieselpunks

absurdres animal belt bent_over blush boots breasts cleavage english gloves goggles goggles_on_head green_eyes highres lips lipstick makeup mecha midriff purple_hair shorts thighhighs yamashita_shun'ya