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Márton Pongor

Márton Pongor
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A story about a girl who has a tragic past and keeps getting the same nightmare every night about it. She doesn't know that she has this special power until sh.

My cat always know when I cry and tries to cheer me up by rubbing on my leg or wants to be in my arms. I don't know how my cat knows when I cry but it just knows. And I have a feeling that when I cry, my cat also wants to cry but only for me.

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The cozy, woodsy nook at La Esquina in Copenhagen. 31 Coffeeshops And Cafés You Wish You Lived In (question for Pallas: can we widen the window?

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"Where sky and water meet, Where the waves grow sweet, Doubt not, . To find all you seek, There is the utter East. But the spell of it has been on me all my life." --Chronicles of Narnia.

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