María Eugenia Hernández

María Eugenia Hernández

María Eugenia Hernández
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Deslumbrante Día del narciso por HouseofChabrier | Shadowness

X Watercolor on Arches Smooth Hot Press Watercolor Paper of a Dandy Rooster walking among spring flowers and Dazzling Daffodils. What a beautiful Roo and the flowers are lovely as well!

Resultado de imagen para pencil drawings of roosters

X Bantam Rooster Portrait done in Transparent Watercolor on Smooth Fabriano Watercolor Paper Bantam Rooster Portrait 9

I uploaded new artwork to! - 'Le Coq-jp3084' -

Beautifully painted rooster by Jean Plout. Gorgeous rooster on parchment paper background with vintage scrolls. French name Le Coq for Rooster.