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pumpkin juice. Harry potter night. OMG KENDRA! We are so making this and butter beer next time we are together!
The world of Harry Potter is full of fantastic creatures. One of the most fierce and foreboding creatures in that world is the mighty dragon. So it stands to reason that one of the greatest delicacies would be Deviled Dragon eggs.
Fudge fanatics, you must try this! Harry Potter's butterbeer fudge is so amazing. It's like a combo of butter rum and butterscotch. Pure heaven.
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46 Harry Potter inspired treats you should be making!....I seriously would just love to see the failed attempts at making most of these haha!!
Pumpkin juice (orange soda), Ogden’s Old Firewhiskey (root beer, Elf-made wine (any red-tinted soft drink)
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