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a poster with different types of shells on it's sides and the names of them
Diy and Craft
three different pictures with shells in them and the words simple sea shell shadow box ideas
Shell Shadow Box Ideas for your Seashell Collection
there are many pictures on the wall with seashells and shells attached to it
beach memories
the different types of sea shells are shown in this poster, which shows their names
Shell Game on Sanibel Island - Atlanta Magazine
Shell Game on Sanibel Island - Atlanta Magazine
two pictures side by side one with sea shells and the other with seashells
Show off your seashells!
there are many sea shells on display in this black wall hanging up against the wall
Classy shell artwork for the walls. These were easy to make - purchased an assortment of black shadow boxes in different sizes from Michael's Crafts, added black felt to some that needed dark backing, and then hot glued in sea shells that were both purchased and found on our travels. Can't wait to hang them :)
a white frame with shells in it on top of a brown table next to a wall
a shadow box filled with seashells in different colors and sizes on a wall
four square pieces of art made out of blue and white tiles on a white surface
a sea turtle made out of seashells is hanging on a wall