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What the guidebooks don't tell you about what you really need to walk the Camino, we've compiled that ultimate Camino FAQ guide.

I'm beginning to understand why people return to Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago more than once. When we reached Santiago, the end of our journey.

I would have the water flow into a tank that gets reused as grey water

The Abisko Washbasin from Eumar isn't even a basin. It's a freaking waterslide. A waterslide sink that drains onto the floor. How hilarious would it be if some bar installed this thing and forgot to put in the drain?

Walnoot houten bad en wastafel

Shell is a minimalist design created by Austria-based designer Nina Mair. The Shell bathtub is made of genuine, hand-polished and oiled walnut. It is carved from a solid block of aromatic walnut using a precision CNC milling machine.