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how to properly build a gravel driveway according professional the joness four book cover image
How to Properly Build a Gravel Driveway - The Joneses Four
How to Properly Build a Gravel Driveway - The Joneses Four
two men laying tile on the ground
Do-It-Yourself Concrete Designs On A personal Plot
Do-It-Yourself Concrete Walkway Designs On A personal Plot
a red fire hydrant sitting on top of a lush green field next to a metal pole
A30 Hickey Bar Hickie for Manual Rebar bender
"Excellent hand bender for 3/8\" to 5/8\" rebar All steel construction, fingers are hardened and threaded to hold and not slip The A30 Hickey Bar (30\" handle\") If the handle is too long for close in work just shorten it with a hack saw. NOTE: NOT FOR GRADE 60 REBAR The 30\" handle is for general rebar bending for concrete work. . The handle is 3/4 tubing. It weighs about 3 1/2 lbs to 4 lbs. The head is made of 3/8\" plate with threaded hardened studs pressed and then welded in. I paint the hea
a man using a mop to clean concrete
DIY Concrete Crack Repair
Photo 4: Spread the resurfacer
an image of a concrete pad being used as a bagged concrete mixer
Pouring a Huge Concrete Slab Using Bagged Concrete | I Saved $10,000
Smart Home gadget