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仮面ライダークローズチャージ / ガンバライジングカード / JPG /

仮面ライダークローズチャージ / ガンバライジングカード / JPG /

The X-Men by Peter V. Nguyen

The X-Men by Peter V. Nguyen in a pair of corner box prints inspired by the team’s costumes in Uncanny X-Men

Captain America - First Avenger (2011)

hundredpercentsd: This retro style poster was made by artist Paolo Rivera. This poster is not available anywhere else because it was only made for the cast and crew who worked on the film Captain America: The First Avenger.

Amikor a Tigris kimeresztette félelmetes karmait

Tiger 100 or 101 (left) and Tiger 221 (right), possibly during missions in the Orscha region of the Soviet Union.

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