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the european map with different colored areas
Ethno-genetic map of Europe [1600 × 1441]
a map showing the percentage of people living in different areas of germany, as well as numbers
- Catholicism in Germany 2014
a map showing the number and type of regions in france, with each country's capital
Maps on the Web
A map of dialects and regional languages of France.
the map shows europe in different colors and sizes, as well as numbers of countries
Maps on the Web
GDP per capita in Europe in 1890 (in 2017 $).
an image of a map with countries in red, white and blue highlighted by the european union states
27 cartes qui vont changer votre vision de l'Europe
Où trouver des groupes de metal? Qui a le plus de vacances scolaires?
the percentage of light hair in europe
Mapping redheads: which country has the most?
Blonde map
the percentage of light hair in europe
the map shows percentage of light eyes in europe, as well as percent of other countries
Todas las personas con ojos azules provienen de un mismo antepasado comun, nacido hasta hace 6.000 a 10.000 años:
an image of a map with the names of countries and their major cities on it
Proposed map of the United States of Greater Austria (1906) and the major ethnic groups of Austria-Hungary
two maps with different colored areas on them, one in green and the other in red
The last massive linguistic change in Europe