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Máté Horesnyi

Máté Horesnyi
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Ban&a Detail

A banana & ampersand mixture - Bananda / Brent Schoepf

Today I Love This

Dark Side of Typography : Photo

design by Bc huang                                                                                                                                                                                 More

design by Bc huang

Letterpress & Wood Type Series by Sallie Harrison, via Behance

Airport Gothic Number My Days In prints are a combination of Letterpress & Wood Type. The Wood Type letters are cut & sanded by hand and taken from letter pressed lead type.

Loris Pernoux | Kipp Clean One typeface by Claudia Kipp

paint on glass, illuminated by light to capture brush stroke details Loris Pernoux

Adventure in bold brush font

Very clear to read, would be appopriate for a masthead

janhorcik: Poster for another Endless Illusion event in Prague…. http://ift.tt/2kJe68R

janhorcik: “ Poster for another Endless Illusion event in Prague. Lux Records from Switzerland.

jim flora | Tumblr

jim flora | Tumblr

Art for Netherworld Haunted House in Atlanta..I had so much fun Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Derek Yaniger Creates Cool Retro Illustrations, Clip Art Images, Fine Art Paintings, Serigraphs, and Tiki Mugs Inspired by Cocktail Napkin Art of the

Finally made it in Vogue! Japan Vogue! Woot woot! Like & Repin. Follow Noelito Flow instagram http://www.instagram.com/noelitoflow

that haircut!