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A few years ago, company Hot Toys created an eerily realistic figure of both Nicholson and Ledger’s Jokers — impeccably detailed right down to the skin texture, facial expressions, advanced articulation, and awesome array of props and interchangeable features. Both are downright creepy and incredibly badass. Gaunted Photography is behind the photo (editing from photographer and aspiring filmmaker Marv J. Thompson), which pairs both Jokers together for a chilling photo opportunity.

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Metis Lighting Srl.-Bocconi University

Prominence Stitching together volumetric spaces with the stature of robust materiality, Grafton architects present works that question our understanding of structure, permanence and drama.

Oooh, this made me giggle! Sharing later. (I doubt that you can get beer that cold!)

What a funny sign board I have ever seen. Look the shop owner have beer as cold as you girlfriends heart.

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