Székely-Hungarian Rovás, which are also known as Hungarian Runes, are thought to have descended from the Turkic script (Kök Turki) used in Central Asia, though some scholars believe the Székely-Hungarian Rovás pre-date the Turkic script.  Read more on this here:  - This poster is created by

Székely-Hungarian Rovás (Hungarian Runes) were used to write Hungarian up till the in some areas of Hungary.

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Hungary: Magyar Hiszekegy - the "national prayer" of the Horthy era.

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A Kárpát-medence térképe a két bécsi döntés (1938, 1940) után, amelyek a szomszéd államok magyar többségű területeit Magyarországnak ítélték vissza

A map of Hungary during world War II -- to the North is Nazi Germany, to the South German-occupied Croatia and Serbia, Italy (Olasz) and Romania. Hungarian-majority areas of the neighboring states were annexed to Hungary.

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Magyars in Hungary (1890)

Magyar Hungary Map - Group all your extended family efforts into one dedicated website, we are experts in setting this up

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