French gastronomy / Francia gasztronómia

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a pan filled with food on top of a wooden table
EAT LIVE GO — French Onion Soup
Französische Zwiebelsuppe
how to make macaroni and cheese from scratch with pink icing on top
How to Make French Macarons
How to Make French Macarons: Learn how to master the world's most impossible cookie with these basic steps and guidelines.
blueberry lemon clafout is an easy and delicious dessert
Blueberry Lemon Clafoutis
Blueberry Lemon Clafoutis The flavors of blueberry and lemon pop in your mouth in this very easy delicious French dessert. Made with cream cheese in the batter, the texture is lovely!
two plates filled with spaghetti on top of each other and the words french spaghetti above them
Chicken Spaghetti Recipe
This French Spaghetti is not just a fast and easy dinner, it's going to become your all time favorite spaghetti dinner ever!
some food that is sitting on top of a wooden cutting board with the words, camembert and fig tartime
Cheese Tartine with Onion and Fig Jam
Camembert and Fig Tartine with caramelized onion. Classic French comfort food that's quick and easy to make at home!
some food is sitting on a white plate
Cheesy French Pinwheels
This is a recipe that pleases everyone! The ladies love these for their buttery, crispy deliciousness, and the guys love the salami, mustard, cheesy yum!
chicken stew with carrots and mushrooms in a blue pot
Classic Coq au Vin (Chicken Braised in Red Wine)
Coq Au Vin, the Ultimate One Pot Dinner - Warm and comforting chicken braised in red wine-the best of French country cooking!
a wooden cutting board topped with meat and bread
This Croque Monsieur Recipe Will Make You Feel Like You're Dining in a French Bistro
Croque-Monsieur. Split open a loaf of ciabatta to make this family-size version of the classic French bistro sandwich of ham, Gruyere, and deliciously browned bechamel sauce.
an easy one pot ratatoulie with orange sauce
Classic French Ratatouille - Vegan, Gluten Free and Full of Flavour
So so easy to make!! >> A classic French dish, this easy ratatouille recipe is perfect with summer vegetables but also comforting in winter. ~
some type of bread with powdered sugar on top and in the middle, sitting on a plate
Easy Beignet Recipe - Dessert for Two
Beignets made from scratch! Just like Cafe du Monde.
a white bowl filled with meat and mashed potatoes
French beef and red wine stew over garlic mashed potatoes...