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By balancing temperature, humidity and lighting, a Dutch artist created a cloud in the middle of a room.

Artist:Berndnaut Smilde Nimbus II, cloud in room A gallery with no sculptures, only a cloud floating within the space. 'Nimbus' is a new installation of Amsterdam-based artist Berndnaut Smilde, who refuses to explain how he managed to create a real cloud.

A bath tub cut out of a large single piece of Quartz Crystal

Make your bathroom as luxurious as a hotel spa with the quartz crystal bathtub. This signature bathtub - carved out of a single piece of the purest white crystal - turns bath time into an opulent experience you'll never forget.

How is this even possible when carved from stone? I wish I was an artist!

The Veiled Virgin is a Carrara marble statue carved in Rome by Italian sculptor Giovanni Strazza, depicting the bust of a veiled Blessed Virgin Mary. The exact date of the statue's completion is unknown.

Saw this brilliant thing in Brisbane

Saw this brilliant thing in Brisbane